Louis Dedier President/CEO

Born and raised in Sacramento, Lou Dedier understands better than anyone how strong the Sacramento community is. Lou along with his family strive to bring the community together through there joy of great service and good food. Lou Dedier has been a Business Entrepreneur every since he was a child operating several companies. He started working in the food industry at an early age, and loved it. It was always his dream to one day own a Restaurant. That dream became a reality with Early Toast The Mimosa House. He plans to expand his concept with the help and love of his family. With new mimosas, specials and new locations on the way, he leaves his customers anticipating what’s next.


Stephanie Dedier Senior Vice President

Stephanie Dedier born in Oregon raised in California has always enjoyed making people happy. She has a passion for giving quality customer service by creating memories for families and friends that will last a life time. Stephanie wife of Louis Dedier (President and CEO) is the creative genius behind the look and the central atmosphere of Early Toast Mimosa House. She hopes to bring the homey feel that Early Toast creates to every family that graces our establishment.


Devin L. Dedier Head Marketing & Event Coordinator

Devin L. Dedier was born and raised in the Sacramento area, he son to Louis and Stephanie Dedier, the geniuses behind the concept of The Mimosa House. Growing up in a family surrounded by business, Devin learned hands on lessons through his parents. He was exposed at a young age to the technical side of business through his father while working for a local marketing company. In addition he learned various social techniques and quality customer service strategies from his mother Stephanie Dedier. Devin wishes to take his fathers dreams of The Mimosa House and make sure they exceed his expectations beyond belief. With the restaurant in his heart he seeks to make his family proud.